Hp Deskjet Printer Series

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The HP Deskjet is a compact printer that fits a small desk or table in your home or office. This 123.hp.com/deskjet printer produces good quality printouts and reduces the cost of printing. It is very easy to set the hardware and software of the Deskjet printer.

Hp Deskjet Printer Models

Get direction from our technical expertise. For HP Deskjet setup and to complete the printer installation. We guide you on how to download printer driver software that is compatible with your computer. We guide you in troubleshooting to fix 123.hp.com/deskjet printer issues. Get instant solutions from our technical experts to solve the issues in your printer. If you find it challenging to perform printer functions due to any issues in the Windows OS update, get support from our tech person to upgrade your computer or laptop operating system.

How to Setup a 123.hp.com/deskjet printer

      • Step 1 : First unload the Hp Deskjet printer from the printer box
      • Step 2 : Then remove all the plastic tapes
      • Step 3 : Now carefully connect the power cord
      • Step 4 : Always load fresh plain paper into the input tray
      • Step 5 : Load the Hp Install the ink cartridges in the respective slots provided
      • Step 6 : Download Hp Deskjet driver and install the Printer Software